Is your home an expired listing?

Listing your home with the wrong agent can cost you time and money. The backdrop for this video is a one family home in Middle Village, Queens. This was an expired listing that I listed and sold for above market value. The bank actually appraised the home for less then the amount we were able to negotiate for the seller. Check out the video and contact us if you are looking for similar results!

Is your home an Expired Listing? : Video Transcription

Hi it’s Bart Olszewski. Choosing the right real estate agent can be a very difficult decision. Choose the wrong agent, and your home could sit on the market month after month after month. In a declining market, not only are you losing time, you’re also losing money. When you choose the right real estate agent, things happen. The example is right behind me. This Middle Village home, was on the market for 180 days with another company. When it didn’t sell I got the call. Within a couple of months the property sold. The owner is now enjoying an ocean view. The new buyers are now making some small changes to the property and they’re loving Middle Village. So if you’re thinking about selling your home, OR if you’re currently listed with the wrong agent, wait for the listing to expire and then give me a call. Let’s talk, I’d love to hear for you!


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