Why you should list your home during holidays!

Realtor Bart Olszewski talks about the many reasons to list your home for sale during the holiday season! Hi. I’ve been talking to many sellers who are hesitant to list their home for sale before the holidays. The’re obviously are some valid reasons not to put a home on the market in the winter months. In this video however I’d like to list some good reasons to do just the opposite. Check out the video and let me know if you agree.

Why you should list your home during holidays! – Video Transcript

Hi everyone its Bart Olszewski. It’s the second week of November, Halloween has come and gone, Thanksgiving is just around the corner and the holidays are not too far behind. I’ve been talking to many sellers in Queens who are reluctant to list their home for sale during the holidays. They feel that this is not the time to do it, there are less buyers looking – which is true – and they don’t want to be bothered during the holidays. Well, I want to address that. I feel that this might be the best time to put your home on the market. There are a few reasons for that.

  1. Number one reason is that while there are less buyers, the ones out looking this time of the year are serious. You’ll have less interruptions, but more serious buyers at your house and you’ll get offers.
  2. Another reason that makes this a good time to sell is that there are less homes for buyers to look at. Less competition means more money in your pocket! There are less homes for sale in December than in any other month.
  3. Another reason to list now; think about your home during the holidays… and the warmth that it has. Your home is going to show at its best during this time.
  4. Reason four is that after the holidays all the sellers who have been waiting, put their homes on the market. Then we have tremendous amount of inventory which means more competition for you. If these sellers list their homes at a lower price it drives the whole real estate market down. Also, now the interest rates are at an all time low and that keeps our local market healthy.
  5. Another reason to list your home with me now is that many buyers have more time to look for homes during the holiday season. Showings can be restricted to the times that suit you. You are in total control. The point is that you can sell your home now for more money than you’ll be able to do later on and you are not going to be moving during the holidays; the mortgage process is quite long these days.

So I think it makes sense to list your home now as oppose to just getting everything going in February or March when everyone else is doing the same thing. Anyway, if you are thinking about selling and want more information on whether now is the right time for you, shoot an email to [email protected]. I’d love to hear from you. Have a great day and happy holidays!
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